Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Tempest Stone, Chapter Two

Chapter One

Not long after the nurse left, the officer made his way into my room. As he opened the door, I caught an awkward smile on his face, which briefly set me at ease. That feeling was swiftly replaced with a sinking feeling in my gut when he opened his mouth. "Good day, ma'am," he uttered with a regretful tone, "I'm Sheriff Charles Stark and I, erm, I hate to start introductions this way, but I have to read you your rights."

As he rattled off the miranda warning - rather melodically I might add - I fell deeper into an already abysmal malaise. Since waking only minutes earlier, my world had been turned upside down and relief seemed no where in sight. I could feel myself lethargically drifting away as his words began to jumble into nonsensical chatter. That is until a brief silence was interrupted by a surprisingly strident statement. "MA'AM, do you understand your rights?"

"Yes I do," I added, "But can you please explain what the hell is going on?!" He quickly replied, "I'll ask the questions from here on out, thank you." Without missing a beat, his inquiry began. "What is the last thing you remember, Ms. Blayne?", he inquired. 'You reading me my rights", I chimed in.

"Do you think this is a game, Ms. Blayne?", he retaliated, "because I can go ahead and tell you this is serious business. At that point, I knew I was just going to have to play his game in order to get any further information. I'd seen these types of scenes play out on television, but never expected in my life to be immersed in such an intense moment.

"Sir, I mean, Sheriff", I acknowledged, "I apologize, but I don't remember anything and I don't know why I am here." As he looked at his notepad, pondering what to say next, visions began to run through my head. Did I fall asleep at the wheel and cause a car accident? Did I leave the gas on and blow up my apartment complex?

As my thoughts continued to churn, the Sheriff finally broke his silence. "Ma'am, lets just cut to the chase," he uttered, "you sustained your injuries in a single car accident, in which you ran off the road and hit a tree." While frightening to discover the root of my pain, I was relieved to hear the words single car accident. "Was anyone else injured in the wreck?", I inquired.

"No one else was injured in the accident", he added, "but, erm, that does not explain the blood soaked trunk of your car." "Blood soaked trunk," I inquired? "Ms. Blayne," he acknowledged, "you are under arrest for the murder of Jacob Stone."

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Tempest Stone, Chapter One

It was a first for me, waking up unaware of my surroundings. The stiff mattress and paper thin sheets meant I was definitely not in my bed. The cold, stale air further confirmed I was not in my apartment. As I slowly opened my eyes, I could feel a pain throughout my body I had never experienced before. It had never hurt to simply open my eyes. Another first for me.

It took a moment, but once my eyes adjusted to the glaring white light, I was able to make out my surroundings. I was in a hospital room. With the pain I was in, I was relieved to find I was apparently being cared for. Still, I wasn't sure why I was there. The room was a basic hospital room. White walls, a wall mounted television and a reclining chair for visitors. I had no visitors, which didn't help clue me in on when and how I ended up in this dreadful place.

It didn't take long to realize what had most likely woken me from my sleep. An incessant beeping noise quickly drew my attention away from the pain. Like a Chinese torture technique, the constant beeping was maddening. After a moment of surveying the room, I found the beeps source. My injuries, whatever they were, required an IV. And that IV was empty, causing the machine to alert the hospital staff. This was good and bad. Bad that I was obviously injured and required IV treatment. Good that it was empty and I would hopefully see a nurse soon. It was clear I needed a new fluid bag, but more importantly I needed answers.

After what felt like an eternity of tormenting beeps, a middle-aged, portly nurse finally entered the room. To my surprise, with the door left cracked open, I could see a police officer guarding my room. What the hell had happened to me that would require an on guard police officer? Without any introduction, and with little expression, the nurse said, "I'll go ahead and change your IV, but you have visitors that would like to speak with you now that you're awake."

She obviously had changed many an IV bag in her day as she finished much quicker than I expected. I hadn't even said a word before she started for the door. I was met with excruciating pain as I attempted to sit up. "Wait!," I grumbled in agony before she exited the room. "How did I get here?" I asked. "Your questions will be answered soon enough", she rattled off with little emotion. Perplexed at her lack of empathy for my painful situation, I attempted one last question before she made her way. "Why on earth would I need police protection?", I asked. As she slowly opened the door, as if to carefully think before answering, she turned and muttered, "they're not here to protect you, they're here to arrest you."

Yes, I was in for a lot of firsts today. Whatever day it is.